Preparing for an Akashic Record Reading

Sessions are done via teleconference, in-person (local only), Zoom or Skype.  I will take care of all recordings and will send it to you within 1-2 hours post completion of a paid session.  You will also receive a reminder email confirming our session beforehand.

Steps for Preparing for Your Session

  • Prepare notes/questions in advance on areas of your life where you would like greater clarity or guidance. This directs us into the appropriate areas of the Records to answer your questions.
  • Allow at least one hour for your consultation.
  • Take the time to evaluate the truth of the information in your heart both during and after the consultation.
  • Please refrain from using recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before your consultation because it will cloud the clarity of the information. Prescription drugs are acceptable.
  • Return your consent form prior to the start of your session, if you have not done so.
  • Arrive to your session on time.  I will wait for 15 minutes for your session to begin before logging off.  I will attempt to reach you via email, phone call or text as long as you provide a number for contact.


Sample Questions to Ask:

  • What is blocking me from having a love relationship/money/health/friends, etc.?
  • How can I improve my relationship with my spouse/ father/mother/sister/brother/boss?
  • Are there any past lives with my spouse/father/mother/sister/brother/boss that would be beneficial for me to know about at this time?
  • What did I come here to accomplish in relationship to my work/marriage/children/health/ spiritual path?
  • What did I bring into this lifetime to clear/resolve with my spouse/my family/health/money?


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