How to Connect and Communicate with your Guides and Soul Council using a simple and easy process that increases your confidence, connection and accuracy

Did you know that you’re surrounded by helpful beings that are waiting for you to ASK for help?

You’re surrounded on multiple levels by Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Ancestors who want to help you make the most of this life on Earth.

They may be trying to communicate with you but you’re not hearing them clearly. There are too many factors like thoughts, worries and distractions in the way.

This may cause frustration and sadness because you may feel lonely and invisible.

It’s time to change how you’re reaching out to the other side. Through this simple and easy process, you can begin communicating with your Soul Council and receive messages from them on a daily basis or when you need it most. The more your practice, the greater your confidence and accuracy becomes.

You may be wondering…what is a Soul Council?

That’s a great question and I’d like to share a special story.

One day, I was doing an Akashic Records Session with a lovely young woman named Jane (name changed for confidentiality purposes). We were deeply immersed in the work and I was channeling answers to her questions.

Jane was going through a devastating break-up, challenges with work and physical health and gripping anxiety and stress. She felt lonely, unsupported and unlucky. Throughout her life, it seemed like cycle after cycle of high’s and low’s followed her. Just when she was on the ‘right track’, she’d make a decision or follow a piece of advice that unraveled her progress.

Jane was truly frustrated and burnt out. She just didn’t know who or where to turn to.

It was in this moment that we received a special message during her session. Her Soul Council appeared as a bright ball of light and sacred geometrical shapes. They moved around her until they configured into a special arrangement that ‘fit’ right over her and her energy field. That was when they introduced themselves to her and I.

Jane’s Soul Council was a powerful collection of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light and Ancestors. They showed up to support her because they wanted her to know that she was truly loved, seen and uplifted.

This was a huge game changer for Jane!

Jane began to ask her Soul Council what actions she could take to improve her life’s situation. She asked about past lives, current circumstances and future potentials. Throughout her session, her Soul Council poured guidance, answers and suggestions to help her stay on track with her soul’s path.

That was nearly 6 months ago. I haven’t heard from Jane but once or twice and that was an email excitedly filing me on what’s been happening in her life. Talk about true transformation!

According to Jane, since she has connected to her Soul Council, she feels “transformed, loved and connected” She even shared that her Guides and Soul Council “provides her with signs and signals that increases her intuition and ability to take action, choose wisely and connect to people who care about her.” She even met a special partner who helped her to mend her broken heart, believe in the power of love and give it another chance.

Have you been wanting to connect on a deeper level with your Guides and Soul Council but just didn’t know how?

I know where you’re coming from and it can feel frustrating when you want to receive additional support but feel confused or unsure. This is why this digital course was created for you. It cuts the guess work out by providing you with a simple process and prayer to help you connect to your Guides and Soul Council.

This simple and short course is an hour and a half long. It contains worksheets to help you identify your Guides and a special prayer that can help increase your intuitive connection.

When you learn how to communicate and connect with your Soul Council, you can deeply relax in your life because they help you to make difficult decisions, see multiple outcomes and exercises patience and transparency with yourself.

Your Soul Council is not only assigned to work with you, they’re honored to help you evolve on Earth. The only element they need from you is willingness to try and to follow through on the choices and decisions you make.

How do I know this will work?

As a holistic practitioner and nurse, I’ve personally worked with private clients in the Akashic Records for over 14 years. I’ve been blessed to work with people world-wide and be a witness to their extra-ordinary experiences as Spiritual beings having a Human Experience.

Each session is special, unique and as different. No two stories are alike. Just like no two Councils are alike.

One of the questions I get asked the most in my practice is “Who are my guides?”

When clients ask this question, their Soul Council assembles and identifies themselves. They have specific markers, symbols and names that ties them to that soul. They assist and answer questions throughout the session. However, the key to this magical relationship is how the client chooses to foster the communication after the session is completed.

Many clients who’ve taken this course have expressed a greater sense of connection and communication with their Guides and Soul Council. They’ve shared multiple experiences of channeling messages, creative works and Light Language. They’ve also expressed a deeper level of satisfaction in knowing they “weren’t crazy” or “making it up” when they got those signs from the Universe.

The key again to making this work is to practice connecting and observing what you receive.

Are you ready to learn how to deepen your connection and communication with your Guides and Soul Council?

What You’ll Get in This Digital Course​

You’ll get an hour and a half video that teaches you the steps of connecting and identifying your Guides.

You’ll also receive worksheets that you can fill out as you go along with the video to deepen your understanding.

You’ll also get two meditations that you can listen to and connect with your Guides & Soul Council.

These are the benefits you’ll receive when you connect with your Guides and Soul Council:

Are you ready to access the Higher Realms?

If you’re ready to let go of feeling frustrated and disconnected to Source, try this simple and easy process that works for any religion, faith or belief system. What it simply requires is an open heart and an open mind and the willingness to try. Your Guides and Soul Council work with you whether you realize it or not. They are in the background of your life, quietly balancing, protecting and serving you in unseen ways.

Why don’t you step into the driver’s seat and communicate in a way that gives you clarity, direction and true connection?