“I have been singing your praises, Anne.What you bring to this planet cannot be measured in any way. Many blessings and thanks.” – Mary, California

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you today. It was truly a wonderful experience and I am very grateful to have made your acquaintance in this lifetime.” – Daniela, California

“Hi Anne Marie, thank you so much for the awesome Akashic Record reading this morning. I really enjoyed meeting you and the reading was so very helpful to me.” –  Karen, Texas

“Thank you again for everything. You are an inspiration and have changed my life!! I will definitely be in touch and also be referring you to as many people as possible.”

– Elizabeth, New York

“My goodness this is amazing!!!!!!! I enjoyed our session tremendously and I want to set up another one for I have even more things that I now would like to get clarity on. Thank you again so very much for your gift. It’s truly beautiful what you do and how you are able to help people.” – Nikki, California

“Thanks so much for this reading!  It literally gave me life!!  I am so happy I have permission to HAVE FUN!” – Sheila, Dominican Republic       

“Anne provides a safe and professional atmosphere for the work that manifests in her office. Our session got to many core issues that were held within my body and being that I didn’t even realize were there.  The session led to a better understanding of myself and kept me thinking for days afterward about what came up.”

-Christopher Horan, Certified Rolfer, Austin, TX               

“Thanks again for lending your abilities to the blessing of our home.   I totally feel that it ours now.  And my benediction for you: May God bless you for the service you provide to others because it truly is a gift that brings light to this sometimes very dark and hard place.” -Christina, Austin, TX